Blizzard announces end of Challenge Mode Season.

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Challenge Mode Gear Preview

Death Knight











Challenge Mode Mount Rewards

Ashen Pandaren Phoenix
Crimson Pandaren Phoenix
Emerald Pandaren Phoenix
Violet Pandaren Phoenix


I normally don’t take the time to leave responses to things like this, but I feel this deserved my two cents. Yesterday I purchased 9/9 gold and it was by far the cleanest and smoothest purchase I’ve done to this day in WoW. I listened along in skype while they were playing my character, and the live stream they provided was very professional. The entire process took just about 4 hours to complete and I’m very satisfied! Definitely going to pick this up for my alt.


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These guys are really amazing. They got my challenge modes completed in under 3 hours and I got to sit in Skype and listen in on the whole thing! They are also quite funny haha.


Very easy to work with, very professional. These guys are quick,and will work with you on a 1 by 1 basis. I very highly recommend this service.


Best gold modes by far, They even let you watch the stream so you can see how it’s done, Nothing less then spectacular!


This is an amazing group of players, you have nothing to worry about. I’m very pleased with them and I would recommend them to anyone. You can’t go wrong!